Nagoya University Program for Leading Graduate Schools Joint Symposium
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This symposium was over. Some pictures are available here.

Do you know The Program for Leading Graduate Schools? This program is supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and provides top quality education to students who are highly creative, globally active, and will play leading roles in Industry-Academia-Government collaboration. Enrolled students have been obtaining new perspectives from active discussion among the students themselves.

Nagoya University has six Programs for Leading Graduate Schools with different goals. In order to promote interaction among students who have different backgrounds, knowledge and experiences, we have a special joint symposium for all the six programs. Because we are wishing for a lot of people, especially undergraduate students, to familiarize with our activities, we have made this symposium open to the public. You can find the program and more details here. If you are interested, why don’t you join us?

Background and Objective
The theme for the symposium is “The Future of Graduate School Education in Nagoya University”. The overall objective of the Joint Symposium is to promote trans-disciplinary communication and collaboration among students of the six Leading Programs at Nagoya University. The specific objective is to provide an opportunity for students to discuss their experiences and lessons learned from the Leading Program and to offer suggestions as to how the Leading Program could be integrated into education curricular of the Graduate School, from the point of view of students.

The Program for Leading Graduate Schools is a seven year pilot project meant to contribute to reforming Graduate School education in Japan. Funding for the program by the Japanese Government will end in the next 1-3 fiscal years. The symposium will provide a timely opportunity for students of the six Leading Programs to discuss how to reform Graduate School education at Nagoya University based on their own experiences as Leading Program students. Student group discussions will be held on key topics cutting across all the six Leading programs. Some suggested topics for discussions include:
  ・Leadership, internationalization and globalization
  ・Curriculum development for transdisciplinary studies
  ・Experiential opportunities
  ・Financing (e.g. grand application, student oriented fundraising)
  ・General assessment of the Leading Program

Please click here for details of Group Discussion Sessions.